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figures from ggplot2 to pictex

The ggplot2 R package recognises the tex extension and it allows to export the data graphics to latex documents. The tex output doesn’t look like the original file but with a little code editing we can get a quite good figure. Here is an example of the original and the exported line graphic once retouched.


disp <− qplot(date, unemploy / pop, data = economics, geom = "line")
disp + theme(panel.grid.major = element_line(colour = "white"), panel.border = element_rect(colour = NA))
ggsave(filename = "graf_lin.tex", scale=2, width = 10, height = 5, units = "cm", dpi = 300)


Master’s Thesis on data graphics characterization

Finally I have finished the master’s thesis on data graphics characterization and I hope that it will help many scientific writers choose the correct graph (Link: MThesis_PereMillan).

Caracterización de las gráficas de comunicación de datos

small world network

Coordinate system: polar
Number of axis: 1
Number of variables: 1
Object to object relations: linking
Object to space measurement scale: qualitative

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